by Kati Horvath

-    Have you looked for a technique that gives you the greatest
      freedom in design, yet that is fast and accurate?

-    Have you ever wondered how far you can go into detail

      with your quilt?

-    How wide can you stretch your wings when it comes

      to creating your visions?

-    Could this unique technique offer you a new window

      into your creativity?




-    Do you like appliqué, thread painting (or free motion broidery),
      stained glass technique?

-    Have you ever got frustrated with endless marking, cutting and
      ironing your appliqué pieces?

-    Have you ever ironed the wrong side of your appliqué piece

      fusing it straight to your iron instead of the background?

-    Have you ever forgotten to add the seam allowance to

      your appliqué piece?

-    Have you ever mixed up the thousand numbered tiny pieces?

-    Have you ever wished to use delicate or textured fabrics

      that were problematic with the fusible web?

-    Have you ever had a fabric that was too thick or too dark to see
      the design through the light box?

-    Have you ever changed your mind about a fabric after the
      whole piece was already put together?

-    Would you like it if you did not need to unpick a lot of threads
      when you make a mistake or you change your mind about

      a colour?

-    Would it help if you did not have to mark your quilt and pieces

      more than once, at the very beginning of your process,

      yet you knew exactly where each piece belongs?

-    Would you be relieved if you did not have to bother with the
   seam allowances for  they would create themselves in the process?

If your answer is yes to any of these questions, my Draw-Sew-Trim (DST) method might be a helpful technique for you to try.

Beautiful, magazine-style format, .pdf based eBook, 144 pages


Detailed, step-by-step technique presentation


Five vibrant, amazing projects with patterns



… what do you think?

"If you get only one quilting book for Christmas,

make sure it is this one."


- Lucy B.-


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Katalin Horvath

Quilter, Textile artist

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DST eBook pages 1-2