Katalin Horvath

Quilter, Textile artist

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Books / eBooks

Book or eBook - a common dilemma for writers nowadays.

I love the smell of new books and love to handle them. But there are some indisputable advantages that make eBooks easier to use and publish.

First of all it is a lot better for the environment not to use paper. But also it enables you to enlarge or reduce images to your needs without distortion. That makes it possible to use the very same pattern to a queen size quilt or a cushion cover.

Another advantage is that you can enlarge the instructions so that you can take a better look of a detail.

They are easier to send to all parts of the world, there is no shipping fee as such and no packaging.

Easier to carry around to workshops and you can always print out any parts that you need.

Through the internet and websites you can ask questions and get further support, you are not left alone with a project.

These are the factors that made me choose to create an eBook rather than a paper one.

I do intend to be there for you as a help if you need further guidance or would like to share your experiences.

My Facebook group is open to everyone who is interested. 

Happy quilting!

Book Store dream-quilt.com
Draw-Sew-Trim eBook

Draw-Sew-Trim eBook