My Story


I always loved crafts, I learned crocheting, knitting, embroidering weaving as a child, my grandma was a great inspiration and teacher. As a teenager I sewed dresses for myself and my sister. But it was only 16 years ago when I found a patchwork book and I just had to try something... Since then I can not stop finding new challenges, something new to learn. 

As a teacher of biology and chemistry I always had a great enthusiasm and appreciation towards nature. The beauty and healing power of nature, the  symmetry, shapes and colours amaze me every day. That is how I started to create mandalas and sew my visions into fabric.

A few years ago I decided to enter a quilt titled May Tree to the special exhibits in Huston Quilt Festival. It was elected to the 20 best and travelled throughout a year in the USA. Next year another quilt, titled Mother Earth Is Our Home enjoyed the same journey, while my husband and I payed a visit as well in Huston and Chicago as exhibitors.



Flat 10 Monkton Court

35 Branksome Wood Road

Bournemouth, Dorset




mobile: +447944171546

Katalin Horvath

Quilter, Textile artist

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