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Katalin Horvath

Quilter, Textile artist
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This healing set contains three of the most personal items we offer especially for You.
The base is Your birth horoscope, that You can order now in an exlusive, written form.
A quilted mandala  that is inspired by Your  horoscope, resonating with Your whole being, helping You to discover and unite with all Your talents and powers in order to heal yourself and come to a higher awareness. Hanging it on the wall at Your home, it harmonizes Your area of living with the resonances of Your higher Self.
A handmade talizman  with beautiful crystals, special woods and metals that is also based on Your horoscope. You can wear it and have it with You all the time it will help You to stay balanced in whatever You do.
Your birth horoscope has to be made in order to make the other two. If You don't need it written, You may order them separately as well.
Horoscope mandalas are very unique and the most personalized ones. This particular one is my husband's. The colours, shapes and crystals  are chosen carefully on the bases of your horoscope, representing and radiating the energies, the powers of the Real Self in a way, that helps You and harmonizes You the most. 
It is not that meaningless scheme horoscope, that you can get in an hour online, but a deep analysis of your real Self. 
​Joseph Rakonczay is, who would make Your horoscope. 
It has been almost twenty years that he makes professional horoscope analyses, karmic past and the task for the present life is the area that he  has really become engaged with. A few years ago he wrote a book entitled Messages To Ourselves. He wrote about the different qualities of mind, getting in conscious contact with the elements, in connection with the astrological archetypes. He wrote about 180 -200 thousand pages of astrologic analysis by hand and he is grateful to those people, friends who let him look into their lives, problems trustfully, making it possible for him to deepen his knowledge and experiences.


​
Talizmans are also made by Joseph Rakonczay.
These objects look like weird medals or jewels, but in fact they are a lot more. They are absolutely individual, personalised keys, holding, transfering and focusing living energies and are meant to help the development and the spiritual growth of its owner. They widen the barriers of spiritual perceptions and can be endowed with other programmes too.


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