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Katalin Horvath

Quilter, Textile artist
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How is it made?


I make a lot of drawings, I usually take my notebook everywhere I go, so I can draw any time I get an idea. Most of the time inspiration come through meditations or dreams. Then I choose the drawings, I like the best and enlarge them, make a pattern. Choosing the colours for a piece is one of the most exciting things. I use wonderful quality fabrics with lively colours that is essential to a desirable result.   There are many techniques, one of my favourites is appliqué, for it gives unlimited freedom in shapes and forms.
I sew down every piece, choosing the thread colours carefully.
Patchworks have  three layers. Due to their functions I put different kinds of vlies as a middle layer, then quilt the layers together. My favourite quilting method is free motion quilting, for again it gives freedom to draw whatever I want.
I usually put tubes on the back where a hanging rod can be placed, or I sew on little curtain rings for hanging. Depending on the size and details a piece takes 30-50 or the larger ones 80-100 hours or even more to make. As you can see, there are no repetitions, two things are never totally the same, so you can get the photographed item only if it has not been sold yet. Otherwise you get a similar, that I can fit to your needs.
I also create new designs by the guidelines of my customers.


quilt making

Advices for care

Most of the textiles are washable.

It is recommended to hand wash them, do not spin, and do not use dryer.

Dry layed especially the heavy ones.

Usually quilts have a three dimensional effect, that you would like to keep.

You can protect it by turning the iron down a little, start ironing from the directions of the sewing lines smoothing out wrinkles.

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