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Katalin Horvath

Quilter, Textile artist
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I have created quilts for many peoples homes. I enjoy creating pieces that are meant for a certain home, space, person. Finding out what meets their needs the most takes us to a conversation via email, where they need to consider colours, sizes and details on the subject.
I draw pictures, that I send for revision  and we can discuss issues that arise. This way in the end everyone knows, what to expect.
During the creation of the piece I can take and send photographs for revision and also one of the final quilt. Only when it is approved do I send the artwork to you. 
For horoscope mandalas I will need your first name, exact date (day, month, year), time (hour, minute) as close as known and place of birth. These mandalas are created by the horoscope and through conversation as I described above.

​The prices shown apply to the given sizes. However you can request items in any size you need.

Thank you for your purchase!


Ordering via PayPal (by bank card)

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