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Katalin Horvath

Quilter, Textile artist
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This mandala has a strong, flowing energy that will help you find the flow of your life. Purifies emotions and thoughts harmonizes all seven chakras. This pattern is instructed as a raw edge applique with fusible web, where the edges are finished with satin, blanket or any other decorative stitches. However, it can be appliqued by the Draw-Sew-Trim technique as well that makes your work easier, faster and more accurate.

The inner panel can be created individually, without the quilted background, or can be squared up, if you wish, it is up to you, how you would like to arrange it.




Basic applique knowledge of any technique.

Free motion quilting and to know, how to put the binding on a quilt.



Size: 60" x 40" (150 x 100cm).




"Flow" - Quilted Wall Hanging (Design and Pattern)

    • 1-1-1 fat quarters of three different shades of lilac, purple, pink that harmonizes with each other for the flower.
    • 205" (520cm) binding 2.5" (7cm) wide.
    • 16" x 44" (40 x 110cm) of each of a middle and a darker green. Left and right sides of leaves are the same colours. There are 2 leaves of the same green on the right side. It can be made as one piece and divided by stitches afterwards.
  • This is a "short & simple-style" pattern, created in .pdf format.

    This file format can be handled by all main types of devices (MS, OS, Android based IT devices).

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