Katalin Horvath

Quilter, Textile artist

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The "Simple Design" series is a collection of hand-drawn pictures that can be used for any larger quilt compositions for a price of a cup of coffe.


"...The wide spectrum of Indian culture contains various colours of different intensity. Different kinds of people, races, languages, religions and traditions made Indian culture vital and colourful. The Elephant rotates with every colour of the spectrum. How the animal impressed the people through the ages is sought to be explained by the author along with all the myths and stories associated with it. As a divine member elephant was supposed to have come into existence out of the sea on the occasion of churning of the ocean (Samudramanthana) as Airavata the milk white elephant. On the folk level a cult developed around it. Jataka stories refer to elephant pillars and statues and tradition of performing Hastisutra and Hastimangala-elephant festival. Beside as a folk divinity it also penetrated in Buddhist and Jain mythologies.


It is the inner vitality of Indian culture which has been the result of intimate connection between nature and human inspiration. That is why, Indian religion, art and literature are rooted in the natural environment. Ganesa the elephant god is the best example of the oneness of nature and human factors as reflected in the realm of art and literature. Ganesa is only one of the aspects of the multidimensional personality of the elephant which embodies the various hues and colours of the Indian culture tradition."

"Elephant in Indian Art and Mythology" by S.K. Gupta (link to the book)


This design is without any specific instructions but once you are familiar with the "Draw-Sew-Trim" technique, that makes the applique process easier, faster and more accurate, you will be able to create this magical animal. You can make it as a mandala wall hanging or use it as part of a more complex design.

You can enlarge it whatever size you need.

You can embellish the applique with beads and sequins.


(The beautiful, magazine-style, detailed, step-by-step tutorial eBook is available in my webshop: Draw-Sew-Trim eBook with the Draw-Sew-Trim technique


You can find useful YouTube video-tutorials in my playlist.



Basic applique and a little free motion quilting.




Indian Elephant / Simple Design

  • This is a "simple design", created in .pdf format.

    This file format can be handled by all main types of devices (MS, OS, Android based IT devices).

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Katalin Horvath

Quilter, Textile artist

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