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Katalin Horvath

Quilter, Textile artist
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The "Simple Design" series is a collection of hand-drawn pictures that can be used for any larger quilt compositions for a price of a cup of coffe.


"Lakshmi brings abundance, fortune and success if worshipped sincerely, and not in greed. Lakshmi resides in places of hard work, virtue and bravery, but leaves whenever these qualities are not apparent any more. She is a Goddess who leads to one's goal in Hindu and Buddhist religion. Lakshmi is depicted in Indian art as a beautifully dressed, prosperity-showering golden-coloured woman, sitting or standing on a lotus flower. Her four arms represent the four goals of life, the lotuses in her hands symbolise fortune, self-knowledge and spiritual liberation."


This design is without any specific instructions but once you are familiar with the "Draw-Sew-Trim" technique, that makes the applique process easier, faster and more accurate, you will be able to create this magical Goddess. You can make it as a mandala wall hanging or use it as part of a more complex design. You can enlarge it whatever size you need. The design is a MIRROR IMAGE because using this technique will turn them in the end. You can embellish the applique with beads and sequins. Lakshmi's right hand is showering coins and it builds up in front of her or She pours it from a jug. You can either applique the coins or add them as an embellishment with golden beads.


(The beautiful, magazine-style, detailed, step-by-step tutorial eBook is available in my webshop: Draw-Sew-Trim eBook with the Draw-Sew-Trim technique


You can find useful YouTube video-tutorials in my playlist.



Basic applique and a little free motion quilting.




Lakshmi / Simple Design

  • This is a "simple design", created in .pdf format.

    This file format can be handled by all main types of devices (MS, OS, Android based IT devices).

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