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Chakra Mandalas-Root Chakra

I thought it would be nice to continue the chakra mandalas and make a pillow size pattern for all the chakras. You can resize them though and can create a large wall hanger, you can collect them all and turn them into one long chakra wall hanger. They are great decorations in yoga centers or homes. Also you can applique the desins on any kind of clothing.

The Heart Chakra was the first one, I made. There are a Sun and Moon design as well, which are part of the Planet, or rather the Principle series that are coming up.

Today's pattern is the Root or in sanskrit Muladhara Chakra mandala.

This chakra comprise everything that is about grounding, having roots, being safe and secure both phisically and emotionally on the physical plane. It is about settling down in the material world, having phisical needs like food, drink, and connected to some basic emotions such as fear or anxiety.

Its colours are mainly red, I put some yellow and gold in it for its element, Earth. The red symolizes energy, activity, passion, courage, stability, security.

I used beads and crystals to decorate the petals. The crystals of this chakra are red garnets, red jaspers, hematite, smoky quartz.

The pattern and instructions are available at the Patterns button on my website (Patterns to Buy), though you need to drop me a note on the contact page with your email address and the title of the design you would like to get. I will send it to you via email.

It is also available in my Pattern Store named dream-quilt.com on Craftsy.com for your convenience, where you can download it right away.

These are pretty, easy and fun projects, take not much time to complete and give the good feeling of achievment. I hope you give them a try.

Happy quilting!

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Katalin Horvath

Quilter, Textile artist

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