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Quilter, Textile artist

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The "Crocus Pillow" is a quick, easy and beautiful project to learn the basics of a unique applique technique, the Draw-Sew-Trim™. You can create it as a cushion or apply the flowers to any other projects such as a bag, a table runner or as one block of a larger quilt.

Size: Finished size is 45 cm x 45 cm (18" x 18").

The Crocus Pillow design (.pdf) and requirements (.pdf) will be available here to download for free on the week of the event.

Crocus Pillow with the DST technique - Sew along on Facebook

Crocus flower.jpg
File - 1.


All you need to do is to open and download the image and enlarge it to whatever size you would like to make it.
For the Crocus cushion, the enlargement is 225%.

Click to the .pdf icon to Open/Download.

For instructions on the enlargement and printing please watch and follow this video:

When you have your design printed, you need to assemble the sheets of papers and transfer the flower to a piece of white fabric. (I refer to that as interfacing but it is a piece of cotton fabric). 

This video is about our previous project, the Snowdrop Pillow but all the preparations are the very same with this project too. The fabric selection is different, please find them in the "Requirements".pdf.

Please follow the instructions of this video:

File - 2.

Click to the .pdf icon to Open/Download.


All the materials and accessories you will need are included in this .pdf file.

At the time given above, I will go live in the Draw-Sew-Trim Facebook Group. If you are not a member yet, please join, because that is how you can see the live video, give feedback and ask questions by commenting.


For a smooth start please have your fabrics and accessories prepared along with your design drawn onto a piece of white fabric. If you have never done any Draw-Sew-Trim projects before please do not get discouraged as I will explain and teach everything step by step from the very beginning. You can also ask questions and we will do our best to answer every one of them.


I do hope we will have a nice creative day to keep ourselves positive and if it works out well, we will certainly do some more.

Thank you for your support,

Happy quilting,