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Katalin Horvath

Quilter, Textile artist
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The peculiarity of these wall hangings is that the pieces are attachable onto a simple background with tiny velcros. The pieces can be sun, moon, stars, foliage, animals, clouds, people, elves, fairies, flowers, etc. We can imagine various backgrounds, for example a tree, a house, a hill, a lake, savannah, ocean, a castle, etc. Then we can create the image as we like. We can rearrange our picture any time or roleplay, tell stories with the figures and characters. As time goes by you can always add more and more pieces as you can order new supplementary material. Some of the background images have secret doors, hollows, burrows where animals or elves live. You will find some inspiring ideas on this page but there are countless possibilities and variations to make. Let your imagination soar! (Adviced only for 3 years or up because of small pieces!)

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Seasons At The Lake

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