Katalin Horvath

Quilter, Textile artist

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Lotus Flower Pillow.jpg

"Lotus Flower Workshop"

This workshop is a perfect way to develop a thorough understanding of the Draw-Sew-Trim applique process and get inspired.

I instruct the "Lotus Flower" design step by step showing you all the little tricks and tips of the technique that saves you a lot of time and effort with any of your future applique projects. It also includes methods of free-motion embroidery.

There are 4-5 hours of video footage in this Facebook group.

If you have any questions please ask in the comments and I get back to you as soon as possible. If there is a question that is better demonstrated than described in words, I am happy to record new videos within the group.

So it is an ever-growing live group that gives you the opportunity to chat with the members and share your progress and thoughts with us.

Purchasing the workshop you will get the written instructions and pattern in .pdf format via email. You will also get access to the Facebook Workshop group and unlimited access to the videos in the group. (For further information please see: "Recorded Facebook DST Workshops")

Video contents:

  1. Introduction to the pattern, enlargement, preparations, and fabric selection. (Kits are available in the webshop.) Demonstration of the basics of the Draw-Sew-Trim method.

  2. Colouring the petals with Draw-Sew-Trim applique and free-motion embroidery.

  3. Cutting and finishing the design, creating water droplets and dragonflies using organza fabric and free-motion embroidery.

Lotus Flower Pillow.jpg

"Lotus Flower" Pillow

SKILL LEVEL: Intermediate

"...Among the four elements of Water, Fire, Earth and Wind/Air, water is the one that represents our emotional body. Mirrors and reflects reality through different dimensions. It is connected to all fluids of our body, our circulatory system and lymphatic system. It helps to communicate our emotions, feelings, to clear the past and go with the flow towards our future. Working with water patterns and colours help us to balance our Water element that leads to better communication of our real feelings, emotions and our real self. Also may help with depression and unpleasant emotional states. The lotus is an ancient symbol of purity of the body, speech and mind. It roots in the mud, but its blossom is floating on the surface of the water. It also represents detachment as water drops slide off its petals easily..."


This pattern is instructed using the "Draw-Sew-Trim" technique, which makes the applique process easier, faster and more accurate.

(The beautiful, magazine-style, detailed, step-by-step tutorial eBook is available in my webshop: Draw-Sew-Trim eBook with the Draw-Sew-Trim technique



Lotus Flower Pillow / DST-pattern with interfacing

Lotus Flower Pillow / interfacing with design

Lotus Flower Pillow / DST-Kit

Lotus Flower Pillow / Cushion (Quilted/Finished product)

is available separately too on the webshop. 


You can find useful YouTube video-tutorials in my playlist.



Basic applique and a little free motion quilting.



Finished piece (cushion): 45 cm x 45 cm (18” x 18”)