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Katalin Horvath

Quilter, Textile artist
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"...The (5.) Throat chakra, known in Sanskrit as „Vishuddha” is located at the centre of the neck, at the level of the throat. It’s Sanskrit name means „pure”, „purification”. The throat creates sounds through the vibration of the air. This sound and vibration affects our entire body. It is our instrument to communicate and express ourselves. It helps us to accept our originality, to find our authentic voice and speak our truth. Working with this chakra helps us to remove doubt and negative thinking, leads us to a higher knowledge beyond our cultural or social training. It helps us to say no, when we need to and to be honest to ourselves and others in general. It is connected to the throat, the thyroid and parathyroid gland..."


"Avoid the hassle of printing and transferring the design to the interfacing"


The set includes:

  • Pattern transferred onto a white cotton fabric, ready to start.
  • Precise, fully illustrated, magazine-style instructions and resizable digital pattern sent to you via email in .pdf format. (To the email address you use for PayPal payment process. If you would like to receive the .pdf pattern to a different email address, please contact me:



5. Throat Chakra Mandala Pillow / DST-pattern and the

5. Throat Chakra Mandala Pillow / DST-Kit

is available separately too on the webshop.


You can find useful YouTube video-tutorials in my playlist.



Size: 45 cm x 45 cm (18” x 18”)

"5. Throat Chakra Mandala" Pillow / DST-pattern w. interfacing


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