Katalin Horvath

Quilter, Textile artist

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Trees in most of ancient cultures appear as symbols, just think of the mythological concept of the World Tree that represents the order of life cycles and connects the Earth and Heaven, the Higher Self with the Subconscious. The wisdom and healing energy of the trees is an endless source, we can always turn to. Children know that from their heart, my daughter hugs and caresses them with love, likes to climb on them or just rests next to them. Trees have their own character and radiation, that they share willingly with us, if we ask. In their presence we can release our negative feelings and thoughts, while they fill us with fresh, positive energies and wisdom. We may contact them through meditation, we can try to draw or even quilt them. The more we are devoted to the work with them and the deeper we get acquainted with them, the more likely we will put their resonance and essence in our life which will radiate and have a positive impact on us.


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