Katalin Horvath

Quilter, Textile artist

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Seven Sisters
Seven Sisters

Seven Sisters
Seven Sisters


Seven Sisters

The tangled roots of Avebury’s ash trees have inspired this mandala. We called them the Four sisters between ourselves. But also the daughters of Atlas, the Titan and Pleione, the sea nymph were called the seven sisters, the goddesses of the Pleiades. The leaves of the trees are fixed on their veins, they are standing out of the background, there are four faery forms in the four corners embracing the trees. In the middle there is a Sun-like seed of life, where all creative energies emerge from.

This mandala connects with the healing and nurishing energies of Mother Earth and also with the Light of the Sun. Brings closer to the True Self.


Material: cotton fabric, organza
Size: 90 × 90 cms / 35" × 35"

Pattern is available for £4.99

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