Katalin Horvath

Quilter, Textile artist

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Sitting at the table with my husband one day he says:

- What about some placemats that can be arranged to create a mandala in the middle of the table after meals?

- You mean like a flower? - I asked and started to draw the petals, then some leaves and the middle....

- The...


I have always been fascinated by aboriginal art. The colourful dots and different symbols flowing in a current of ancient mystery.

I was wondering, if not painting how could I possibly put them into fabric. My first attempt on my quilt named Mother Earth Is Our Home I t...


To create someone's own Shamanic drum is a spiritual experience. A ritual that builds a bond between the drum and the drummer. These instruments have their own personalities, they are helpers of our spiritual journey. They beat with our hearts, remind, and connect us t...


Horoscope mandalas are the most unique and personal mandalas that I create. They are based on the birth horoscope of the person. The colours, symbols and crystals are carefully chosen by your horoscope.

But what is a real birth horoscope and why is it important?

The anal...


I thought it would be nice to continue the chakra mandalas and make a pillow size pattern for all the chakras. You can resize them though and can create a large wall hanger, you can collect them all and turn them into one long chakra wall hanger. They are great decorat...


I have been busy to prepare some new quilts, patterns and designs, that I intend to share with you here the next few weeks.

I am still fascinated with Buddha sculptures, so I had to make another quilt or two...The idea was to create some texture, that is sculpture like,...


On a rainy day I brought out my paints to experiment a little. I thought of a Buddha face, that looked like a gold statue. When I experiment, it means, that I state to myself, it will not necessarily be used for something, it is just for experimenting. It is important,...



Spring is here by the calendar, let us celebrate with some beautiful folk flowers!

In my country, Hungary has a very old tradition of embroidery. The different regions of the Carpathian Basin have their own traditional flowers and colorations, that run through the cent...


In the beginning I was wondering many times, how can people make their quilts so realistic. There are some methods that work well, photocopy is one, painting the design with fabric paints is another. But if you would like to create it with thread and fabric, you might...


In the beginning of my quilting life accuracy and precision was key importance. I started mainly with piecing, but pretty soon I found limitations in execution of my images on mind. So I started to applique. That gave a lot more independence in shapes, but I still was...

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Katalin Horvath

Quilter, Textile artist

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