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Horoscope Mandalas

Horoscope mandalas are the most unique and personal mandalas that I create. They are based on the birth horoscope of the person. The colours, symbols and crystals are carefully chosen by your horoscope.

But what is a real birth horoscope and why is it important?

The analysis of a birth horoscope is based on the terms of the classic astrological elements. According to these elements, Ascendant, Sun, Mercury, Moon etc, will be exposed the specific characteristics. Examining these elements as archetypal parts and motivators of the personality (the signs as qualities, the houses as different areas of life, the aspects as the correspondence between the planets), will assemble your Self, from these mosaics. This method is reliable, the astrological analogies give a good description of your characteristics, the most important areas of your life and show your essential motivations, that are many times you are not even aware of.

There exists though an even more comprehensive element in the horoscope, than the complex pattern of the planets. It is what is called the true assignment of life. It is not a certain thing to be done, but a direction, that defines, appoints your development, your consciousness, awareness. It’s the path, passing over the many lives of the soul through development and self recognition. This present life represents a section of this long, complex path. The true assignment of life is the highest spiritual principle that takes effect in spiritual growth, the cause and purpose, the karma in a certain point of view. Through the challenges and experiences of the assignment of life we can integrate new mental and emotional qualities into our complex personality, so that we can develop according to the purpose of the higher self. As a general rule we may affirm, that if you progress by your assignment of life, you can get a lot of freedom, you can be successful, and have a wide open area for self realization. But if you stick with the old, used, defunct mental and emotional patterns, then problems will repeat, your life situations will become stereotypical, that will carry stronger and stronger warnings, that finally may appear in the physical plane. Following these useless, destructive inner patterns, beliefs and judgements can make you ill, for this is a kind of communication of the higher self with the „lower one”, the ego.

I am fortunate to have my birth horoscope for a long time, I can read it time to time again and put it back to the drawer....then I thought would not that be nice to have it with me all the time?

That was when the idea of horoscope mandalas occurred to me. Why not create a picture, that reflects all the symbols, crystals, forces, powers, energies with the right colours of my true Self? One that I can hang in my room to look at and feel all the time. One, that reminds me who I am and what I am here for. One that supports, balances out and encourages me. One that is part of my space and life. So I started to create horoscope mandalas.

My latest one is for someone, whose assignment of life is to find spirituality, gain spiritual knowledge, to build up her own faith, to find out, that the Universe is a wonderfully organized, intelligent system, to find and see her wholeness, completeness, her whole being in this system. To experience the original (primal) trust in the Universe and within her soul, to realize, that everything is set and working for her development and benefit. To experience the creative power of faith. To dissolve entirely in wholeness, completeness and experience the eternal nature of the Spirit, attain the highest value of Love, the Agape ( it is the Greek term, that distinguishes the Godly, divine Love from all the other forms).

The symbols of the ocean, Neptune, whales, Buddha the Fibonacci-spiral are referring to the assignment of life. The dragon and phoenix come from other elements of the horoscope, mostly to balance the lack of fire but also as creative forces for new beginnings and will power. The polar bear and white horse are totem animals, she knows that help her. I also used crystals to help certain aspects, aquamarine and labradorite for Neptune, red garnet for Pluto, rhodochrosite, rose quartz and malachite for heart chakra and Venus, carnelians for Fire.

You can create your own design, your own horoscope mandala with your own totem animals, you will see, even thinking about it, creating it will help with new realizations about your Self. Having it on your wall can definitely move you on a long term.

If you need any help at any stage, do not hesitate to contact me.

Happy quilting!

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Katalin Horvath

Quilter, Textile artist

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