Katalin Horvath

Quilter, Textile artist

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Mandala Table Sets

Sitting at the table with my husband one day he says:

- What about some placemats that can be arranged to create a mandala in the middle of the table after meals?

- You mean like a flower? - I asked and started to draw the petals, then some leaves and the middle....

- These could be mug rugs and that one is a hot pad - he says.

- That would look great - I said drawing and colouring.

- How about some seasonal ones? - he says.

...There we were the next day with six different designs drawn already and six more on our minds to create later. A couple of them for Halloween, another two for Christmas, plans for Easter and of course some every day delights.

On the flower mandala (two pictures above) the two sides of the petals, leaves and middle are made of different colours therefore it is like having two different sets at once.

The next few weeks I was very busy drawing the templates on the computer, creating the models, playing with colours and choosing fabrics, writing down the instructions, taking photos of the process and the finished projects in use. And of course my husband was very busy too editing and designing the booklets on the computer.