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How to create a fractal based quilt

I have always been amazed by fractal images. These are mathematical formulas turned into a never ending, always repeating in smaller and smaller scale patterns. I found a wonderful image by Cory Ench very inspiring, so I gave it a try. First I had to decide on background and colours. I knew, I would like some unique light effects. Satins and silks are great choices for they reflect light differently from each angle. Quilts truly come to life and start to move as you pass by and watch it from different angles.

First I transferred the larger branches mirror imaged to the paper side of the fusible web. Cut it out and fused it to the wrong sides of my fabrics. Cut them out again and arranged on a good size dark blue batik fabric. Before ironing them I have inserted some different, lighter background pieces, yellow, light lilac, multi-coloured batiks into some of the holes.

Also added some of the "egglike" shapes that occur in each motif again and again, but as you can see, I could not deal with all of them at once. I had to iron pieces down to stabilize first and then go back to finish the job with those little "eggs", that are truly new starting points to the whole pattern again. Some of these elements are white and pink satins, but to the purple and blue areas I put some other colours as well.

After ironing the pieces down I started to sew everything down with satin stitches, using different coloured threads. If it was not confusing enough so far, now real challenge time has come. I had to quilt it with all the tiny details as far as I was capable or willing to go.

The smaller branches and "eggs" are thread painted and I do not gurantee, that every single "egg" and line matches with the original after all. :) There has to be some kind of "freedom of the artist" thing in it!

Next time I write about free motion quilting and thread painting, as I go further on.

Happy quilting!

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Katalin Horvath

Quilter, Textile artist

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